Brand Management – Weekly Application


1. Understanding who your audience is what can separate you from your competitors. Running an event management service in a non-stop moving city as Miami is not easy with entrepreneurs having the same ideas as you. Distinguishing yourself by using keywords who visit or reside in the area you are targeting for starters is what will attract users to clicking links directed to your website. Creating formidable content will generate new followers to your social media accounts. Using both strategies by setting up email campaigns will encourage those to open that email and see the messages you are trying to announce. In this case, it should be all the upcoming events on what to do in town, where can you buy tickets for these special events, and if there are any lucrative upscale packages that may be purchased to have the ultimate experience. Using individual tactics from understanding segmentation is how you will be building your brand equity.

2. Building brand equity requires a lot of marketers time and effort as there are different multipliers to keep in mind as you are developing the different value stages. Speaking in regards to nightlife, there are several competitors offering the same product, but the way you are communicating it can be difference maker as to why someone would reach out to a particular business. Keeping the customer mind-set in mind based on customers reaction will make for better attitudes toward the brand and lead to associations that will spread brand awareness. Ultimately, a marketer wants to be customer driven to have a control over the market share.

3. Building your brand’s reputation begins with your brand image itself. Some brand elements to keep in mind when trying to connect with your audience is making it memorable, meaningful, and likeable. Branding takes time and development, and you can approach implanting your brand in people’s minds through different means such as the logo itself, the brand name, slogans, taglines, jingles, packaging if the product is tangible, and signage I mainly strive for picture or video content to promote the events that I am working for. Keeping flyers clean and simple give people just enough information to know about the party, but not providing too excess information where people still need to reach out for any further questions or concerns. When it comes to video content, keeping it short does the trick as it leaves people wanting more and entice the viewers to come get a first-hand experience at the event themselves. Associating the simplistic, yet informative, eye-catching content with nightlife goers will come back to my website for future service.

4. Don’t find customers for your product, find products for your customers as told by Seth Godin defines the purpose of how to successfully go into business. Whether you are providing tangible objects or intangible services, a lasting impression needs to be set in order to have customer retention. Working a host, the service provided is intangible and meeting customer satisfaction is the ultimate goal through different channels. Whether dealing with general admission or a VIP reservation, every guest is a guest period and each should be catered to accordingly. Focusing on one or the other is not touching on all bases and will ultimately lead to a downfall. Understanding your clientele will help you conjure up pricing strategies to give viable options to all. Whether it is value-added pricing, cost-based pricing, or competition based pricing – there will be a greater outreach. 

5. As human beings, it is only natural to react and engage in some emotion associating brands with certain memories and feeling a certain way. Using Disney as an example, we get happy and get remembered of fond childhood memories and only results in smiles onto our faces. Small business owners need to think as marketers and associate themselves as well as their brand to create this type of effect with their customers to keep them coming back for more. Anyone can pay for advertising and create a buzz, but creating a positive word of mouth is the most organic, sincere form of advertising you can earn as it can go a long way and can greatly distance yourself from competition.

6. Adhering to the message that was promised as a company will build positive rapport with your target audience. Innovative companies such as Apple who really did think different, or Walmart who do slash their pricing helping their customers save money and live better are prime examples of how delivering what was promised can generate ultimate success. As a nightlife concierge service, what will separating myself from competition is being hands on with all customer wants and needs rather than focusing on sales. Customer service always comes first, as retaining the clientele will lead to the sales goals. The motto of what the company is being built on is “Your personal VIP Host, at your service”. A personalized service wanting to help and to advise planning a flawless birthday, bachelor, or bachelorette weekend in town does not get anymore genuine.

7. Doing a brand audit every now and then can help you identify what is working and what is not. It helps you identify how customers feel about your product or service. This can help you make better business decisions on how to strengthen specific aspects of your company. With audits, you can see how strong brand recognition and recall is which can provide a first-hand experience. Having a positive brand image will take you to the next level, but to get there you will need to keep the audits up to date to make sure everything is working for you.

8.In today’s world, with so much information available online we have consumers that have become extremely savvy making it harder to persuade such individuals to make a purchase or subscribe to a new service. Creating content that is informative enough to get the message out is crucial as they have low attention span in a fast paced technological world. Listening to your customers and satisfying their wants and needs is what is important. By getting to the point with short verbiage and appealing visuals will keep consumers interacting with your ads online and end up giving you the business you are seeking in the long run and meeting their satisfaction.


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